Our greatest creation is our own life story

As I rapidly approach the reality of the 30 year old me being not what, who or where the 20 year old me thought I would be, this poignant collection ...

Leave your earplugs at home

  ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ana Garcia – Blogger and citizen of the world Ana García is an International Business Management student currently based in İzmir Turkey. Born in Germany to Colombian ...

Ecology of mind and travel

I used to think that travel was all there was to look forward to. Any job, any situation or any meeting held promise, situated as it was as apart of ...

Feature stories

Bridging gaps: The UnMute multiculturalism movement

“There is something persistent to this movement. From the start to present, ...

It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood

Each person is a different world – there’s no doubt about that. ...

Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson

He drank mysterious offerings, interacted with elders and explored the most hidden ...

Marriage equality in Australia by Leigh Yang

When I was asked to write an article about my reaction to ...

Phenomenal Woman Fitness: Sweat, sex and the self

“Now, imagine you’re picking up a pencil…with your vagina,” our Pilates instructor ...

How to take the seriousness out of self care

I was lying on a yoga mat in a park in Brisbane. ...

More great reads

How to survive a bus trip through Colombia

I’ve caught a few buses in the last few years. Some of them have had toilets (with paper!) and empty rubbish bags hanging down the aisle. Some even had stewards walking up and down the bus making sure our seats would recline properly. Other buses had loud music, the lingering smell of stale vomit and […]

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The Padlock by aNa Garcia

He sits down on a chair facing the water and takes a look at the time. It’s still early. When the waiter comes to take his order, he instinctively asks for a strawberry milkshake, the same drink she had that day. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. When he opens them again, […]

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Poetry: Chasing Storms by Rachel Trevarthen

Instead of remaining inside peeking from behind glass and wood I chased a storm today. Up Red Hill, along the ridge of Enogerra Terrace amongst the gardens of the clock tower briefly taking refuge in the pet sanctuary and under the awning of the Hoopla family. The storm reciprocated. Not in the form of gifts […]

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Je voudrais une glace s’il vous plait

I gazed romantically out the window of the bus as we drove slowly through the busy traffic of Nice. With the pebbled beach on the right and a line of brightly-coloured shops on the left, I sat there smiling. As we stopped in the exhaustive traffic, I entertained myself by watching a group of young […]

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Rich Girl by aNa Garcia

We were sitting at a restaurant near the office when an old lady approached us. She wanted us to buy a pack of tissues from her. She looked me straight in the eye and said, “You look like you’re rich, so come on and buy some.” We didn’t buy any though and kindly sent her […]

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North Korea in pictures

News has just come out that 80 people have been executed in North Korea for watching illicit television material. South Korea’s JoongAng Ilbo newspaper reports that the public executions took place earlier this month, with some 10,000 people, including children, rounded up and forced to watch. ”I heard from the residents that they watched in […]

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The invisible bike helmet

Riding bikes is cute, right? Especially when you’ve got one of those retro bikes with the wicker baskets at the front. Want to know what makes riding bikes not so cute? The big, awkward, hair-ruining, but yes OK, life-saving, helmets. A couple of intelligent Swedish women have created an innovative answer to the helmet and […]

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TheFineBros: What do kids think about marriage equality?

Ever wondered what kids think about marriage equality? Well, the people from TheFineBros did, so they asked a group of kids aged between five and 13 a series of questions after showing them two different proposal videos – one of a man proposing to a man and the other of a woman proposing to a […]

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The language of the world

“He realised that while they were erecting the stall, one of them had spoken Arabic and the other Spanish. And they had understood each other perfectly well. There must be a language that doesn’t depend on words the boy thought.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist The final beams of sunlight slunk from the horizon, turning […]

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Poetry: Intent by Rachel Trevarthen

I am a story from long ago, from a time when life bloomed from surprised planets in a curtailment of space-time. Creativity accessed all areas, searching mercilessly for what could be achieved on this Earth. As the passage of time filled the Millennia unfolding through the present and marching invariably towards the future to arrive […]

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